11 Mar 2024

Glass Digital Art Architecture

Examples of daytime and nighttime glass digital art architecture.

Dentist, now an ARTreprenuer Sara Shakeel is the artist whom re-imagined and dreamt up, these fantastic architecture buildings.  There are many more subjects explored in different ways on this artist's Instagram page.  The architectural ones though, are the ones which attracted me the most.

There are many daylight illustrations, which to me, look very much like French buildings.  Specifically from Paris.  These structures, seem to be fitted completely or in part, with a new set of glass clothing.

Daytime and nighttime are braided together down the page.  Clicking the lights on and off as you move from one image, to the next.

Stylish finish, great sense of proportion and immaculate finishes, give these gorgeous representations, a magical feeling.

I must confess a preference for the nighttime ones.  The lights and the darker backgrounds, bringing out the best of the warm golden glow of the glass.

Have a look and see what you think. 
Classic French building, now made of glass.
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Nighttime glass pavilion.
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French building, now glass faceted.
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Metal and glass arch building.
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Corner section French building, now made of glass.
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A nighttime wall of faceted glass.
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Original French building on top and new glass bottom.
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A street's three quarter glass nighttime profile.
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French building transformation - Digital Art Architecture by S. Shakeel French building transforming into glass.
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Nighttime Gothic inspired glass structure.
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