22 Apr 2024

Urban Life Architecture Drawings

Architecture seen from a different perspective.  In some cases, quite literally.

Cox Soniel is the artist whom created all of the works on this page.

A novel way for us to present urban life and architectural drawings.  The look might be suggestions for location shots, of a futuristic movie.  One which involves car and motorcycle racing or a thriller, which includes high speed chases or escapes.

A dynamic illustrations full of energy, which show the city or cities from all angles.

A post which I am hoping will inject a boost of nitro to start your week.  Use it wisely, otherwise you will run out before the end of the week...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Urban reflections.
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Motorcycle ride to the coffee shop.
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Perspectives in a large mural.
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Motorcycle ride into the city.
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The busy city daily life.
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Looking upwards in the middle of the city.
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A motorcycle city.
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Driving on the underpass.
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Views of the city from above.
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Asian architecture and the waterfall.
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