6 May 2024

Pencil Architecture Sketch Illustrations

An artist who has a passion for architecture drawn in pencil.

American Residential Designer of Custom Homes, an Illustrator and Architect Francois Beauregard.  He created all of the art on this page.

Beauregard makes it clear on his site, that he creates the vast majority of his art using pencils.  He favours the style and warmth; a traditional form of art is able to infuse into each sketch.

Original, inspired and one of a kind building, sit alongside ones which are inspired by different styles of architectural design.

A couple of fantasy inspired drawings, also find their way into this post.  A rich collection which will have you wonder which one/s you would like to see in more details.  Plus, the ones you would see yourself vacationing or living in.

Time to explore and make your choice...01-1920-s-Tudor-Inspired-1920-s-era-Tudor-Inspired-Francois-Beauregard-www-designstack-co
Influenced by North European archetypes from Germany and England and American 1920's era Tudor homes
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American 1920's Storybook Style.
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English inspired townhouse.
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A storybook cottage style home.
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Mountain chalet or villa.
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1920's Era American Mediterranean.
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Cottage illustration.
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Classic "American" style 1920's era Tudor home.
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Original design for a home.
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Original house sketch.
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World's Most Expensive House.
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