4 Jun 2024

Sketchbook Traditional and Digital Art Noir Drawings

Ink noir sketchbook drawings, wich take advantage of traditional and digital art techniques.

Alejandro Lee is the artist whom drew all of the drawings on this page.

These illustrations where first created using a traditional method.  An ink hand drawing on a sketchbook page.  Then, digital art is used to bring out the brightness of the lights and the depth of the black and grey colours.

The initial drawings were made by the artist, for Inktober 2018.  At some point, he must have decided to make them shine with computer software.  The combination of the two mediums, bringing out the best qualities of both these forms of art.

Being able to see the sketchbook binder rings in the photo, really adds to the presentation.  Had the picture been cropped, it would have lost a sizeable part of what makes these illustrations look so good.

Have a look and see what you think...
The Detective.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
The Venetian Blinds.
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The City.
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The Fog.
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The Cop.
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The Dame.
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The Dying Town.
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The Street Light.
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The Singer.
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The Nightclub.
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