24 Jun 2024

Urban Architecture Ink Sketches

Mostly ink urban drawings, with one architecture depiction of a cabin in the forest.

Kwanghee Park 박광희. I translated the name.  I hope it's right.  박광희 is the artist whom created all of the art on this page.

There is another exception.  It's about the colour.  There is only one, the rest are all black and white illustrations.

There are so many diverse scenes, which all make exploring this page and interesting adventure.

Scenes include:  A forest, an island, various backstreet alleys, train tracks and main street view.

These are the highlights.  Now it's time to go and walk though them, to see what detailing they have in store for you.

Welcome to the start of your new week.
Little backstreet.
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A walk about town.
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Cabin in the forest.
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Corfu Island, Greece.
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Houses on an island 1.
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Houses on an island 2.
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Masan, Changdong Alley.
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Gunsan, Railroad.
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A paved alley.
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Seaside town.
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