1 Jul 2024

Architecture Drawings in Pencil and White Paint on Paper

Architecture drawings executed in pencil and some with white paint finish on paper.

Polish Pawel Gladkow created all of the drawings on this page.

Very interesting subject matter, of different cities in Europe.

The choice of the buildings and fantastic architecture captured by the artist, are some of the most significant aspects of producing art liked by the masses.

I like all of the drawings.  That said, the first two are the ones I like the most.  I admire both individually and the balance when viewed together.

The first is a bustling city full of motor vehicles and high energy.  Plus it has a tram and I love seeing them in art.

The second one, still has an urban feel, but a more laid-back one.  The energy across this place and image is more tranquil in nature.  The slower paste symbolised by the people slowly walking on the sidewalk...

As well as these, there are many more images to enjoy and analyse.  

These illustrations have depth of subject and plenty of focal depth.  As the images' view gets smaller in the distance, a closer view of what is going on, is definitely warranted.
Odessa, Panteleimonivska St.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Quiet Pruszkow - Poland.
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03-Strzeszow-the Palace-Poland-Architecture-Drawings-Pawel-Gladkow-www-designstack-co
Strzeszow, the Palace - Poland.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Wroclaw, House at Kosciuszko Street - Poland.
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Opole - Poland 1.
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Opole - Poland 2.
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Amsterdam Wharf.
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Odessa, Opera - Ukraine.
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Odessa, Sofievska St - Ukraine.
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Wroclaw, Town Hall - Poland.
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