11 Jul 2024

Pencil Drawings of Lives of Dragons

Pencil drawings reflecting the lives of dragons in their world.

Dutch Artist Barbara Arts is the one whom created all of the creatures contained in this post.

Sweet depictions of dragons, showing off their more sensitive side.  The are shown with their cat friends.  Their interactions with a fairy and sleeping with a teddy bear.

I could tell you more about what is on view here, but I would be dissipating the impact of your first view of the images.  I will therefore lave it to you to go through and appreciate/enjoy all of Barbara's fantastic work.  

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Dragon stuck in the house during a rainy day.
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The book dragon.
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Dragon shielding from the rain.
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The fairy and the dragon.
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Dragon to do list.
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Dragon Sleeping with kitty.
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Dragon explorer.
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Dragon cocktail.
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Dragon playing hide and seek with the cat.
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The dragon and the teddy bear.
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