11 Sept 2016

Faces of Writers in Charcoal Drawings

Born in China and now relocated to Singapore, Artist Liu Ling, has a degree in computing and is currently working as a freelance web designer.  Liu has a love for art, that she has worked hard at improving, taking art classes since 2014, where she has learnt a lot and has managed to refine her work.  Her ambition is to one day become a full time artist and to only concentrate on her passion, Art.  The last two images, were included because they are so very well done, they are clearly not, famous writers.

Terry Pratchett.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Oscar Wilde.
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J. K. Rowling.
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Stephen King.
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Ernest Hemingway.
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Virginia Woolf.
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Albert Camus.
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Autumn Dream.
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Bright Eyes.
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