29 Mar 2017

Musical Instruments Imbued with Surreal Influences

A way of marrying different types of artistic expressions by combining the Surreal and the Music Wolds.
Romanian Artist Adrian Borda, is a Surrealist painter that is much more interested in making a lasting impression on the people that view his work, rather than dwelling on the question of whether they like or dislike his art.  A lot of artists speak of how their travels and how seeing different buildings, people and countries, expands their creativity.  Borda uses the same principle, except his travels occur in his mind and imagination, where he explores weird and wonderful places full of symbolism.  By the way, I have added more of his paintings that are not musically inspired, I just couldn't resist...

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Life is a Dance in The Rain III.
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Artist in Love III.
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Artist in Love.
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Agaric Flying Dutchman.
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The Demon of Venice.
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The Swan Song Hunter.
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The Forbidden Spark.
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He Gave Me The Brightest Star.
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You Light The Longest Night.
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The Birth of The First Astronaut.
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The Book of Life.
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Spanish Galions on Fire.
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The Story of My Hopes II.
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You Are NOT What You Think You Are.
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