30 Mar 2017

Photographer and Digital Artist Concerned for the Environment

The environment and the human's ongoing fight against it...
Nick Pedersen is a Photographer and a Digital Artist, holding degrees in both disciplines.  I have chosen for today's post, his body of work called "Ultima", which is steeped in environmental issues and concerned with the relationship between humans and nature.  As you will be able to see, from the titles of the images, I have added a couple more pictures that still have an environmental tone.  Humans engage in daily battles with all other species, nature and ourselves, it's not a sustainable behaviour that is going to have to change, if the entire system is going to survive and prosper.

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Sanctuary - Animation.
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Floating world.
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Ultima Beast with Metal Skin.
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Ultima Bridge to Ruins.
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Ultima Burial Grounds.
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Ultima Forgotten Village.
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Ultima Path of the Ancients.
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Ultima The Cave’s Mouth.
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Ultima The Old World.
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