16 May 2017

My Childhood - Surreal Drawings that Depict a Simpler Time

Surreal Drawings that make us think of our own childhood and all the time we spent without a care in the world.
We are probably not going to recall things quite as strange, as they are illustrated in Sveta Dorosheva's work, but remember that, in surreal art you are not looking at the literal meaning of what you are looking at, but rather, the symbols that constitute it. By looking at the single components, you can build a picture and a story that is going to be dictated by your own personal experiences, try it out.  Dorosheva, originally form the Ukraine, works and lives in Israel as a Freelance Illustrator, working on narrative, editorial illustrations and art for books.  Embrace "strange", it can be cathartic and liberating,  even if in small doses, make sure you introduce in your life, it will make it brighter and happier. PS. I added the titles, as there we none on the images.

Dressing up.
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Books - Doors to Wonderful Worlds.
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Games and Dreams Intertwined.
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Dabbling with Art.
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Jumping Feet First into the Situation.
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A day at the Beach.
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Back at School.
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Part of a Group.
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Pillow fight in Space.
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Transfixed and lost in my thoughts.
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When you think Life can't get any Weirder.
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