9 May 2017

Urban Sketches and Interior Architectural Drawings

If you like architectural drawings and urban sketches, you will love this post.
I haven't been able to find out much about Luis Gómez Feliu aka Elucubros, but the quote on his website tells you a lot "Once I was an engineer, now I'm just a wandering draftsman".  As you are going to be able to see from his (drawings) below, he takes records of the place he visits in the form of drawings and sketches.  I have divided the images in 2 categories: the internal room layouts and the ones centred on the (architectural) buildings, (urban sketches).  Pay special attention to some of his building drawings, they look like grainy old black and white photographs, fantastic effect.

Perspective Sketch Before Inking.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Dev Niwas (a Heritage Hotel). Bundi, Rajasthan - India.
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Architectural Stone Details.
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From my Hotel Room in Cairo, Egypt.
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Monastery of the Victory in the Port of Santa Maria, Cádiz.
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Lake Pichola. Udaipur. India.
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South Thousand God Library. Angkor Wat. Cambodia.
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Old building in Hong Kong.
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Gazebo in Paddy Field.
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From the Veranda.
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Hotel Barceló. Bilbao.
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I was here just Before the end.
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Marvin Suites, Sathorn Soi 11. Bangkok, Thailand.
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Roofs of Hanoi.
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