14 Jun 2017

Architecture meets Surrealism and Animals in Sketch Drawings

Drawings that take you out of the box, to the realms of weird and fantastic.
Wan Izat is Malaysian-born and a graduate in architecture.  He makes time in his busy schedule, to allow himself to mentally travel to far off imaginary worlds, that he then records on paper, through his architectural inspired doodles.  He is one of those people that realises, that you can have your feet planted in reality and at the same time you can allow your mind to wonder on short vacations in surreal worlds.  Indulge in a bit of escapism during the day, you will feel so much more refreshed at the end of it.

Deer Skyscraper.
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My Childhood Neighbourhood re imagined.
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Animal Retreat in Lungs.
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I Always think that the Brain has Beautiful Architectural Quality.
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The Love Island.
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Trojan Funfair.
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Frog Library.
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Alligator Hotel.
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Fish Teeth.
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Moo Moo Land.
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Oasis on a Camel.
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Fox is a Bunny Haven.
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A Blue Temple.
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