13 Jun 2017

Detailed Urban Drawings achieved with a Ballpoint Pen

Elaborate, detailed drawings, using no more than the humble ballpoint pen.
Since a young age, artist Andrey Poletaev has loved to draw.  He has tried and still produces art using different mediums, but always returns to his favourite, the pen.  It is something all of us have grown up using, mostly for writing and some times for doodling.  The pencil, is really the one people tend to steer towards, because it allows you to make changes, delete mistakes and the shading techniques come more easily.  The pen is a more unforgiving medium, if you make a mistake, you are pretty much stuck with it.  This form of art holds no barrier to entry, like some of the other, that involve expensive art supplies.  So try it out get a pen or a pencil, some paper and practice, practice, practice and see what you can achieve, maybe you will end up along side Poletaev and his urban drawings...

Magnificent Streets - Zurich.
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Parisian Street.
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Quiet Street in Rome.
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Fishermen in Istanbul.
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Streets in Paris.
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Andreevsky Street.
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Bridge in England.
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Sparkle at the Train Station.
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Pedestrian Crossing.
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Rainy Saint Petersburg.
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Commute in Ho Chi Minh.
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