9 Jul 2017

Paintings of Cats that look like Photographs

If you love cats, this is the post for you, get ready for huge amounts of cuteness.
Lithuanian Artist Danguole Serstinskaja, grew up having two main loves, drawings and animals.  What better way of combining them, than to create art using them as powerful source of inspiration.  She has been a breeder and an FCI Judge for over 20 years, which gives her a great insight into animal anatomy, that and she has 1 cat and 15 dogs.  Further more, her excellent artistic capabilities, allow her to capture, in the most beautiful way, the expressions of the animals she portrays.  Serstinskaja has been fighting breast and thyroid cancer for the last 9 years, with brain surgery taking place, in 2016.  You can imagine how this might be taking its toll on her work as an artist but, it does not stop her.  She seems determined to keep fighting her illness and once she has won, to dedicate more time to the things she loves.  Brilliant artist with an iron will to forge on, we wish her all the best and hope that she gets to devote all her time to the things that really matter, without having to worry about her health.  May this come very soon.

Mother Cat and her Kitten.
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Tortoiseshell Cat.
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A Cat that is sure of himself.
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Black Cat.
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Black Cat 2.
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Burmese Cats.
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Dinner Time.
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Ginger Cat.
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Kitty Ponder.
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Returning from a long Night Hunting.
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Tabby Cat.
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