14 Aug 2017

Recycled Architecture with the 1 Bedroom $7,500 Micro House

A House that looks so small from the outside, that hides a lot of room on the inside.
The builder of this cabin, is a 2nd grade teacher and a cabin builder, called Jacob Witzling.  This little cottage, that is set in the forest of Olympia, looks like it could be out of a child's fantasy story book, with the crooked little flue on top of the roof.  When you get inside, you get to see all to the necessities that a home has to have.  This cabin is eco-friendly, as a lot of the materials have been salvaged and recycled from trade sights.  Witzling has a very particular relationship with the homes he builds.  In this case, he struck a deal with the land owner to receive a small down payment for the materials and then access to it for 2 years, after which, the ownership reverts back to the land owner.  He has now moved on to building another home near this one, on a plot belonging to the same land owner.  Have a look at the video for more information and views of the inside of this lovely cosy house.  Imagine Being able to retreat to a place like this, when you want some peace and quiet to do your own thing, immersing yourself completely into what you most love without distractions...

Enchanting Cabin In The Forest.

Side & Back of the Cabin.
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Kitchen Area.
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Breakfast Area.
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Internal View.
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Bedroom Area.
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Bedroom Area.
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Roof Construction.
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Front & Side of the Cabin.
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The Cabin at Night.
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