16 Apr 2018

Architecture of a Tiny Home on Wheels

Canadian company that builds your ideal home, which you can place wherever you want.
The following was taken from the builder's website: "Leaf House focuses on modern design, cold climate construction and ecologically friendly materials. Tailored to the extreme winter environments of the north".  The tiny house is priced at $44,500 and has a fresh design, featuring a sloping roof, spanning the length of the home.  The raised bedroom area, is at the highest point, to give the occupants the maximum amount of space, above and below.  These habitations are becoming more and more innovative, pushing the boundaries of design and architecture, re-evaluating the space we need in our homes.

House Floor Plan.
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Bedroom Living Room.
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Living Room.
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Entrance and Mirror.
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External View.
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External View.
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Taking your Home on a Trip.
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