17 Apr 2018

Blue Architectural Urban Drawings

Drawings with a blue tinge, that gives them a surreal feeling.
Artist Rupert Taylor explains on his social media account, how he uses ink and sometimes pencils, to create his drawings of urban settings.  The ones that I have focused on today are his blue ones, it almost makes you think like you are in a dream like state.  With streets empty of people and only the sound of your thoughts, to keep you company.  Taylor lists as his occupation, teacher and that he started creating these illustrations, when living in Japan.

Work in Progress.
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Tokyo, Koenji OK.
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Zürich View from Sternwarte Urania.
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Oslo Akerselva Waterfall.
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Dundee Freda.
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Granny's Teapot.
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07-Zermatt-view-from Hotel-Excelsior-Rupert-Taylor-Blue-Architectural-Urban-Drawings-www-designstack-co
Zermatt view from Hotel Excelsior.
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Zürich Rotwandstrasse.
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From the apartment in Osaka, Sakai, Hiroko.
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Waterway, Kobe.
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