23 Apr 2018

Architecture with Airbnb Tree House Accommodation

A beautiful set of buildings high up in the trees.
This holiday retreat, is listed as being Airbnb's #1 "MOST WISHED-FOR LISTING WORLDWIDE!".  It's set in Atlanta, Georgia, United States and belongs to Katie and Peter.  Katie says this about the buildings:  "My husband built the tree houses as an escape within the city and together, we've made it into a Vacation Home at home! We hoped to create a setting that was both secluded and quiet but also warm and welcoming." Each  of the rooms is connected by rope bridges.  The bathroom is located in the basement of the main home.  Below, a description, by the owner of the three rooms.

Mind - The Sitting Room: Antique furnishings and artefacts including 80 year old windows of a sintered butterfly wings, a plaster cast of a Siberian Tiger paw, fossils, a couch and chairs, its a great place to read and has a balcony overlooking an acre of lush woods ...

Body - The Bedroom: Sleeps 2. What could be better than a great bed up in the trees? The super comfortable double bed is outfitted with the world's best bedding: Parachute. These cozy linens are made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton and pure Linen. They're Oeko-Tex certified, meaning no harmful chemicals or softening synthetics have been used. You'll have your best night's sleep ever here at the Treehouse! The bed is equipped with wheels so it can either be inside the room or rolled out onto a platform that overlooks the stream below. The mattress has a warmer for cool nights and the tin roof makes rain storms something to be enjoyed.

Spirit - The Hammock Deck: The Old World, a 165 year old Southern Short-Leaf Pine tree - the largest of the 7 trees that support the treehouse suite watch over its guests.

The Buildings Amongst the Trees.
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Hammock Deck, Bedroom and Living Room in the Background.
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Bedroom Detail.
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Bedroom Detail.
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Bedroom Structure.
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Bridge to the Bedroom.
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Living Room Exterior.
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Living Room looking at the Bedroom.
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Balcony off of the Living Room.
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Living Room Detail.
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Living Room Interior.
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