11 May 2018

Adventure and Art in Surreal Paintings

A multitude of characters that interact with their environment.
Tomek Sętowski is a surrealist Artist and Painter that has worked hard to find his distinct style, in a universe of surrealism that provides plenty of space for new artists, but that can be quite dark, if your art doesn't shine bright.  A lot of things have to come together to make one of Sętowski's paintings a success: the idea, the concept behind the story that the painting is going to tell.  An image that is unique and distinct, that has not been seen before.  Proficient execution of the painting.  In my opinion he achieves all of this and that is why I think I like his work so much.  Have a look at these dreamlike scenes and see if you agree with me.  Ps.  I have translated the titles from Polish to English using Google translation, so please pardon any inaccuracies.

2 Previous works press the images to get into the posts.

The Arrival of Spring.
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Supper Mages.
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Temple of Dreams.
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The Magic Theatre.
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Madness of Creation.
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Underwater Whispers.
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Go Away Imagination.
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Evening Imagination Thinks.
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Magister Mage.
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Castle Ship.
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From the Cycle Telepathy.
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The Bones Have Been Cast.
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