7 May 2018

Architecture with the Minimalist Container Home

A small home born from recycled materials, that provides a comfortable place to live in.
Minimalist Homes is the company behind this project in Michigan, in the US.  Where they say they are having problems getting the the necessary building permits from the local government to build these container homes.  During the last few year people have realised what a magnificent asset a container can be, when making it into a home.  There are so many positives that it would be difficult to list them all here, so these are just a few.  Excellent recycling project, there are so many that are no longer usable on the seas.  Sustainable, they are air and water tight, meaning that with a bit of insulation, it will make a formidable living structure.  They are earthquake and fire resistant and the list goes on...  Sorry one more, given all the positives just described, they are very cheap to buy.  Now to some specifications, this tiny house measures 40 feet long, by 8 feet wide, and 9.5 feet high and costs $50,000 delivered, not bad for a minimalist home made out of containers, right?


Kitchen and Living Room.

Shower Room.

Shower Room.

Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom.

Main Entrance.

Corridor to Bedroom and Shower Room.

Exterior with Balcony.

Exterior with Sun Screen.

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