1 May 2018

Interior Design with a Sprinkle of Fantasy

Drawings that contain a bit of that magic, that covers illustrations in fairy tales.
Anna Shelmina (Анна Шельмина), creates something in her interior design drawings, that you don't usually see, a dreamlike quality, a style that can show a new layout of a room, as easily as it could fit in a wonderful fantasy story.  These drawings bring us back to an early age, when we used to look at room layouts in animated movies or, on illustrations from story books.  We would then imagine ourselves in them, living the lives of our favourite protagonists.  Grow up, but don't forget those fantastic moments and try and recreate them with the images in this post...

In the Kitchen.
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In the Living Room with my Cat.
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The Bedroom.
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The Cats in the Bedroom.
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The Bedside Cabinet.
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A Peaceful and Relaxing Spot.
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My Home Office.
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Getting ready for a School Day.
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Getting ready for a Party.
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Bright and early in the Kitchen.
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A comfortable Spot in the Corner.
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The Living Room in all its Splendour.
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