2 May 2018

Surrealism Employed to Draw Animal Illustrations

Animals that are taken out of their usual context and given a different life in these drawings.
Chen Naje is an illustrator, that mostly works with Pen and Ink.  His black and white animal drawings, are set in poses and situations, mostly with other animals, that we don't usually see in nature, or in captivity.  There is also an example of a creature, that is not of our world or reality, created by Disney in the new Star Wars Movie, the Porgs, a birdlike creature.  In my opinion, Surrealism is an excellent way of creating novel and unique art, to be able to differentiate yourself from other artists out there.  Enjoy this wacky animal kingdom.

Alpha Wolf.
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Cosmic Somersault - Killer Whale - Orca.
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Off to work - Panda.
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Panthera Totem - Cats.
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Ursus Totem - Bears.
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Vulpes - Totem - Foxes Dogs.
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Moon Clan - Wolf Moon Cycle.
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Melanism, is a development of the dark-colored pigment melanin.
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Porgs - Star Wars Birds.
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The Hundred Acre Wood.
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