28 Jun 2018

A Glimpse of Fairyland Animals in Drawings

Lovely little creatures, each one of which, could be the star of its own story.
Czech Graphic Designer Lucie Ondruskova, aka LucieOn, has a love for traditional art + the worlds of fantasy and surrealism.  You can see form the following drawings, how her mind and art, feel very much at home in these worlds.  They are populated with all manner of fantastical creatures like: dragons, unicorns and conventional animals in very unconventional situations.  There is a lot I like about these drawings, starting with the wonderful backgrounds she uses, to the clean drawn, inspiring animals and situations depicted in her illustrations.  Whilst you go through the images of these otherworldly creatures, allow your mind to wonder, to transport you to far away lands, as mysterious as they are beautiful.  I hope you have a safe and a good trip...

The Passing of The Seasons.
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Hidden Worlds.
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Back to School.
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Tea Dragon.
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Coffee Dragon.
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Last Unicorn.
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09-A Pretty-New-Umbrella-Lucie-Ondruskova-LucieOn-A-Glimpse-of-Fairyland-Animals-in-Drawings-www-designstack-co
A Pretty New Umbrella.
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Putting Down Roots.
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11-A Different-Kind-of-Butterfly-Lucie-Ondruskova-LucieOn-A-Glimpse-of-Fairyland-Animals-in-Drawings-www-designstack-co
A Different Kind of Butterfly.
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All Packed.
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First Snow.
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A Gift.
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Hitching a Ride.
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Phoenix Captured.
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