17 Jun 2018

Celebrity Portrait Drawings Color and Black and White

Many faces that you will recognise from the past and the present.
Eduardo Calil is a Brazilian artist that loves to draw, he has also put in a lot of work, to get to the proficiency he has now attained.  When people see gorgeous pieces of art, they don't think of the countless hours that artist has spent honing in their craft.  But rather, focus on the idea, "I could never draw something like that, not ever."  Calil has kindly provided on his Instagram page, 2 drawing he did of Celebrity Alicia Silverstone one in 2003 and the other one in 2017. 14 years later, we see where he started and where he is now, with his realistic drawings.  I am not saying it will take 14 years to learn, He has probably been drawing at this level for a while, I am just saying it will take time and effort and some people will learn faster than others.  If you truly want to improve your art, practice any time you get and don't get disappointed and discouraged if the progress is slow at the beginning.  Most important, enjoy art in any way you can, it gives back 10 fold.

Alicia Silverstone 2003 vs 2017.
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Chris Evans - Captain America.
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Viola Davis - How to Get Away with Murder.
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Henry Cavill - Superman.
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Naomi Watts.
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Brad Pitt.
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Whitney Houston.
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Leonardo Dicaprio.
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Kate Moss.
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Will Smith.
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Amanda Seyfried.
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Jake Gyllenhaal.
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Nicole Kidman.
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