8 Jun 2018

Detailed Portrait Paintings Using Coffee

We are much more used to see this liquid in a cup, rather than on canvas.
Coffee and brown pencils, really bring out lovely sepia colors, in these detailed portrait paintings.  Spanish Architect and Artist Nuria Salcedo, has been featured before, here on DesignStack, I'll put a link below this written section.  Some might see this kind of art as a gimmick to attract attention, but in my opinion Salcedo has the talent to back it up.  A lot of her paintings include the original reference photograph, which allows us to see, just how accurate her portrait is and how the likeness of the model is transposed to the painting.

Celebrities and Animated Movies Painted with Coffee and Brown Pencil

Maybe I can't touch the sky.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Suga from BTS.
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Viola Davis.
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Reference photo vs Painting.
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Fleur De Force.
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Haunting Memory.
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Reference vs Painting.
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Jin from BTS.
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BT21 Characters.
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Painting of Jungkook.
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Painting of BTS.
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Painting RM.
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Wedding Portrait Commission.
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