23 Jul 2018

Sustainable Architecture with the Garage Top Studio

Building apartments over existing garages, developing further, existing plots of land.
M W Architects trialled this different concept in Sidney, Australia, where there is a severe lack of new housing.  That said, it could be describing any of the major cities around the world.  This is a clever idea, because the plots that are being used, have already been developed, we are not using more land but making better and more sustainable use of existing ones.  The front and the back of the apartments have windows which provide natural ventilation and light.  The design is mostly open plan, with the sleeping area and the bathroom behind sliding doors.  This particular plot has also access to a rear garden, to enjoy the wonderful Australian evenings.

Front Elevation.
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Side and Street View.
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Garden at the Back.
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Ground Floor Layout.
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First Floor Layout.
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Section Through the House and Garden.
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Kitchen Area.
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Dining and Sitting Areas.
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Sliding Panels to Bedroom and Bathroom.
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Open Sliding Panels to Bedroom and Bathroom.
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Shower Room.
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Stairs to the Entrance.
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