21 Jul 2018

Wildlife Animals Realistic Pencil Drawings

A love for drawing and for wildlife animals, explains the choice of this artist's medium and subject matter.
British artist Julie Rhodes, has such a passion for what she does, that this is what she says on her website: "I spend hours and hours watching, sketching and photographing wildlife, from endangered snow leopards at wildlife parks to foxes and squirrels here in the garden."  I always like to see people that love what the do for a living, where getting up in the morning to start work, is not a painful, dreading sensation of day ahead, but more of an adventure, something that you are rearing to experience, with the excitement of getting started.  A lovely thought, that I wish we could all experience.

The ripple effect - Tiger.
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Leopard Alert.
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The Mane Man - Lion.
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Young Lion.
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05-Little-one-Baby Elephant-Julie-Rhodes-Wildlife-Animals-Realistic-Pencil-Drawings-www-designstack-co
Little one - Baby Elephant.
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Crouching Tiger.
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Fascination - Chimpanzee.
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Sleeping Lion.
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Serengeti Slumber - Tigress.
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Awakening Snow Leopard.
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Solitude - Tiger.
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Tiger Stance.
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