25 Aug 2018

Animal Drawings in Black and White Charcoal Portraits

An artist that started his working life as a blacksmith.
Italian artist Roberto Matteazzi had an interest and passion for art, since a young age.  After he finished school, he started working in the family business as a blacksmith.  I am not really clear if he still works for his family business, but as you can see from these pictures, he is also creating some beautiful art portraits.  The following is a brief extract from Matteazzi's site: "From the hammer, anvil and iron, to pencil and charcoal."  If I had to pick a theme for the drawings below, I would have to say, sweet and cute, they seems to be the unifying emotions, behind these realistic animal drawings.

The Girl and the kitten.
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Curious Puppy.
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The Girl and the Bunny Rabbit.
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Little Beagle Puppy.
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Kitten WIP.
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Bulldog Puppy.
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The Girl and the Puppy.
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Lioness and cub.
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