16 Aug 2018

Ink Animal Drawings Within a Drawing

A wonderful way of illustrating a scene, with drawings within drawings.
Brazilian Illustrator and Designer, Thiago Bianchini, has had a background working for numerous brands, in the fashion industry, but as you can see from the drawings below, he has a special spot for wildlife, the following is an extract from his site:  "Thiago is also a naturalist and an advocate of animal rights. Whenever he can, he helps with campaigns for non-governmental organizations and also rescues stray cats for adoption."  Great composition, very crisp and precise ink drawings, make these images a real pleasure to look at.  I hope you feel the same way, by the time you reach the bottom of the page.

The Lion and the Gazelle.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Eagle, Hare and Wolf.
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The Bison and the Cougar.
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Lost in the Wild.
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The Lynx and the Moon.
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T-Rex and Apatosaurus Dinosaurs.
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Wild Heart.
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The Raven and the Deer.
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The Night Hunt Bear Fox and Rabbit.
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A Night in Alaska, Bear, Deer and Eagles.
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Full Moon Wolf Bear and Eagle.
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The Bear and the Deer.
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The Eagle and the Deer.
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Arctic Wonders Eagle Bear Whale Seal and Fish.
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