27 Aug 2018

Multi Level Prefabricated Tiny House on Wheels

A lovely and cosy space to call home.
This tiny house was designed and built by Baluchon.  Both the exterior and the interior, are built with a beautiful honey colored wood, that really gives that feel of warmth and a look into the past.  This house has perfect cross ventilation and lighting, making your stay, a very comfortable one.  The various levels, separate the different areas and make this habitation look so much more interesting.  There is a master bedroom area, right at the top and a single bedroom, right at the bottom, with the kitchen and dining area, on level up and the living room, one above that.  I have included a video of the delivery of the Home to their new owners.  It's in French and even if you don't peak it, you can see more of the interior, of this lovely little dwelling.

Livraison de la tiny house Odyssée à Caen - BALUCHON.
It's in French and even if you don't understand, you can get a feel of the layout of the tiny house.

Living Room and Kitchen.
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Kitchen and Master Bedroom.
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Single Guest Bedroom.
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Single Bed.
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Kitchen and Dining Area.
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Sink with a View.
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Composting Toilet.
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Large Shower.
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Rear and Side View.
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Front and Side View.
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