14 Aug 2018

Varied Living Room Interior Design Sketches

Variations in designs, to give options and to cater to different likes and preferences.
Sergei Tihomirov (СЕРГЕЙ ТИХОМИРОВ), is a self-employed practising Architect and Interior Designer, plus offers training in making interior sketches.  Once I picked my favourite drawings from Tihomirov's social media account, I realised that most of them were of living rooms.  I usually like to offer some diversity in the number drawings of rooms, that I bring into a post, but I thought to my self why not.  They all have details that make them different, that showcase the variety of options that you can incorporate in the living room, the place you go to relax, after a hard day.  A possible reference post for your next room re-model.

Living Room Fireplace.
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Living Room and Coffee Table.
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Living Room and Reclaimed Furniture.
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Black Sophisticated Kitchen.
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Loft Apartment Living Room.
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Living Room and Bookcase.
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Living Room and Split Level Apartment.
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Living Room and White Chesterfield Sofa.
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Living Room and Suspended Library.
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Living Room and Trunk Coffee Table.
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Living Room and Suspended Bedroom.
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Chesterfield Sofa.
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