1 Sept 2018

Domestic and Wild Animals Pencil Drawings

There is quite an assortment of animals in this post, hopefully your favourite one of the ones below.
Teacher and Artist Jae Kyung, has a fantastic eye for detail and colors, which enable her to recreate the pictures of these sweet animals.  In one of the pictures below, I included the array of color pencils Kyung uses in her work, to accomplish this beautiful and life like finish.  Realistic drawings like these, take a long time to draw, just imagine all of the different colors you have to use to get all of the color changes in hair eyes and backgrounds.  It also takes a lot of practice, patience and a love for drawing, to stick with it long enough to lean these skills.  The following is a link to various posts with videos on DesignStack, that approach different aspects on how to draw, have a look and see if any of them can be of help to you.

Cute Kittens and Puppies Drawings

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Art Supplies.
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Black Brittany Spaniel.
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Kitten with Blue Eyes.
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A dog with a look of Longing.
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Cat Dressed up for the Cold.
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Cat WIP.
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The Cat's Beautiful Eyes.
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British Bulldog.
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