2 Sept 2018

Realistic Portraits in Different Styles

The title really sums up an important and fascinating aspect of art, its multi faceted appearance and execution.
Simone Mulas creates his art using Graphite and Charcoal.  Many different themes styles and meanings behind his art, that shows how this artist likes to experiment, venture into meaning and thoughts, expressed through his drawings.  Just as a sum-up, there are realistic portraits, 3D illusions and double exposure style drawings, plus a realistic drawing of a child wearing The Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh. If you are a budding artist, remember, you are not limited by one way of doing things, there are many out there, plus the ones not yet invented, all out there for you to discover.

Hyperrealistic Portrait | How to draw Beard | Speed draw Timelapse.

Large Portrait.
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Large Portrait Detail.
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Albert Einstein.
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Gandalf The Grey - Ian McKellen.
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3D Illusion - Pushing out of the page.
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3D Portrait illusion.
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Lady time.
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The passing of Time.
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Memories of Ballet.
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Lady of flowers.
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Gothic tracery & Girl portrait.
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Realistic Portrait form the video Above.
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Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.
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