5 Sep 2018

Fantasy Animal Watercolor Paintings

Animals with a small twist, that brings them into the fantasy realm.
Jonna Hyttinen (os. Lamminaho), has been featured before here on DesignStack, I will put a link to the previous post, below.  Hyttinen, who goes by the name scandy_girl, is a 24 year old artist from Finland.  I really like her paintings and her choice of animals, plus the the gold highlights, that really give them that look, that firmly fixes them into the fantasy world.  A place where we get to shape the environment with our imagination and we can safeguard and protect its inhabitants, in a way that we can't always do in our world.

Mixed Media Animal Paintings and Drawings

The Bear.
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The Lion.
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The Phoenix.
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The Fox.
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The White Horse.
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The Tiger.
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The Tigers.
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The Wolf.
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The White Wolf.
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