25 Sept 2018

Interior Design Layouts and Furniture

Interior Design Drawings, shining the light on furniture and room settings.
Russian artist Kaminskaya Olga has been featured before on our site, but this time I am looking at furniture a bit more, rather than room layouts, which was more the focus of the previous post.  Lovely furniture, from a really modern feel, to a more traditional look.  I have noticed that some furniture places, are bringing out a more vintage look design, reminiscent of the 60s and 70s.  Good design, which has a very strong staying power and eventually finds its way back into fashion.   It comes with a great appreciation from people, that did not see it the first time around and view it as novel design, different from what they are used to. 

Interior Design Drawings Focused on Bedrooms

A Chair with its own Enclosure.
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Sage Furniture.
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Comfortable Leather Chair.
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Modern Chair Layout.
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Furniture from the Past.
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Fancy Dining Room Setting.
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Palatial Room.
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Collection of Drawings.
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Bedroom with Map of the World.
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Living Room and Fireplace.
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Traditional Kitchen.
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Studio Kitchen.
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