24 Sept 2018

Architecture with the Flying Pod

A fantastic construction that floats in the air, above water.
The designer and builder of this small flying pod, is Norwegian Erik Pirolt.  He created this lovely and comfortable little retreat.  It almost looks like a the cross between a Submarine and a Manta Ray, when the windows are open.  The inside is basic but looks so comfortable, from the bed to the window seating area.  There are no cooking or toilet facilities but, it's definitely a place I would love to spend some time in, enjoying the beautiful views.  By the look of the architectural drawing, right at the bottom, this might be the prototype for a larger unit, with all of the facilities I mentioned above.  I would love to see a fully habitable suspended structure, based on a similar design to this.

Testing the strength of the hanging system.
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Relaxing inside.
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Reading in Comfort.
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Beautiful Sunny Day.
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A Visit from the Swans.
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Enjoying the Sunset.
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The Submarine Shape.
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Future Design.
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Future Design 3D Model.
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