29 Oct 2018

Architecture with the Amsterdam Crane Apartment

Yes, it's exactly as the title suggests, and apartment located inside a crane.
This 1957 industrial Figee Crane, was converted into a one bedroom apartment and is now being rented out by The Yays.  The following is how they describe themselves:  "Yays is a new travel and stay concept that reroutes urban tourism. Yays offers concierged boutique apartments in historical buildings, restored with respect for the neighbourhood and hosted by local personnel."  This fantastic and unique tiny house is split on three floors, with one bedroom, one bathroom, living and dining areas, plus wifi.  With views over the IJ river in Amsterdam and a charming neighbourhood, it would really make for a great holiday. Have a look at the pictures below to get more of a feel of this special place.

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Exterior and rotating platform.
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First Floor Dining Area.
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Living Room.
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First Floor Living Room.
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First Floor Living Room TV.
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Second Floor Bathroom, with Bath and Separate Shower.
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Third Floor Bedroom.
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Third Floor Bedroom and Balcony.
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Third Floor Bedroom Views.
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Third Floor Bedroom with Panoramic View and Patio.
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