14 Oct 2018

Eclectic Portraits Different Styles and Mediums

An artist in search of their own voice, or an artist challenging themselves to try new things.
Uniquelab, is about all I know about this artist, so lets delve into the body of work.  Many different styles of drawing, using pens pencils, ink and charcoal.  A bit of everything and a way of making every piece of art unique, even when drawn by the same artist.  This proves one thing, that diversity in portraits is not only predicated on using different models / subjects, but style, medium and inspiration.  These factors can make sure that when drawing a likeness a person's physical appearance, this can be reproduced by an artist and be as unique as a fingerprint.  Might that be the inspiration for the artist's name, Uniquelab?

Sir Ian Mckellen from X-Men.
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Blue Pencils.
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Turquoise pencil.
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The Shape of Water.
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D and Reba from Red Dragon.
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Hatch shading.
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No title.
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No title.
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Summer’s almost gone.
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Inktober 2017.
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Back to the studio.
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Celluloid Dream - IV.
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Sketch vs final.
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Drawing study.
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