15 Oct 2018

Tiny House Architecture in Marrowstone Washington

A tiny house in the middle of nature, to appreciate, piece and quiet.  A great contrast from our noisy cities, not that it's necessarily bad, but maybe, a chance to recharge.
Andrew describes himself as a new and excited land owner, I am not sure whether he has bought or built this cosy home, either way, he is now renting it on Airbnb, as a holiday home.  The house is made of reclaimed cedar and measures is 240 ft² (about 22m²), it comes with: 1 double bed, 1 couch, 1 floor mattress, 1 hammock, kitchen, shower room, living room and a composting toilet, outhouse.  You can look at this post many different views, as a possible investment for your self, a serene place to spend a well earned holiday, or a chance to experience a tiny home, in case you are thinking of downsizing and I don't mean the Matt Damon kind, THAT, would be an amazing and interesting post to write.

Dinner is Ready.
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Dining Area Kitchen and Shower Room.
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Living Room and Dining Area.
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Shower Room.
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Dining Area.
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Master Bedroom.
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The Home in the Forest.
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Amongst the Trees.
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The Inviting Porch.
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