10 Oct 2018

Moleskine Pen and Ink Animal Illustrations

Black and white drawings, that really highlight the animals in these fine ink illustrations.
Bráulio Monteiro, is an Angolan illustrator living in Portugal.  He loves to create magical, fantasy worlds.  He is fascinated by animals, constellations and nature in general.  That is why, these three subjects, permeate most of his black and white drawings.  I can imagine how much time he spends creating these pieces, by the amount of detailing that goes into them and the level of finish he is able to achieve.  I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I have.

The Origin Of The Spots - Dalmatian.
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Roots - Gazelle.
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At Night - Stag.
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Bamboo - Panda.
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Ghost - Owl.
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Leopard and her Baby.
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Mother - Tiger and Cub.
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Lovers Of The Night.
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Goodbye - Rhino.
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Queen and King of Spades - Lions.
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Ursa Major - Polar Bear.
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Hidden Galaxy - Cat.
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