19 Oct 2018

Stippling Dots and Creating Drawings

Little dots and great concepts, really make for an enjoyable post.
Sayali Horambe a stippling artist and illustrator, her day job consists in working at a creative agency.  The art is something she likes to do in her spare time and a way of poring her feelings, hope and dreams into her drawings.  (Stippling: drawings are created by using ink dots, the light and dark areas are achieved by varying the density of the dots.  The denser the dots, the darker that area will be.)   Horambe explores many different subjects through her illustrations, from fantasy, surreal, a portrait and symbolism, to ordinary subjects like a flavourful cup of tea.

Bear Photographer.
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Everything Is Possible, Isn't It?
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Calming Lotus.
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Smell of Chai (Tea), can take to Another World.
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Tea Full of Herbs.
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Swipe left.
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Far Away In The Galaxy Where Thing Doesn't Follow The Rule.
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Fly Me To The Moon.
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Follow Me To Wonderland.
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Infinity Koi Fish.
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The Bird Is Nature's Gramophone.
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My Favourite Animal, The Elephant.
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Unicorns, Yes They Do Exist.
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