18 Oct 2018

Surrealism in Manipulated Photographs

Incredible worlds explored through photo manipulation.
Visual Artist from İstanbul Kerem Ciğerci, is a creator of worlds and the views into them.  Places that don't conform to the laws of physics and nature, as we know them.  All this is done using pictures firmly sent on those rules, in our world.  The beauty is that when mixed and rearranged, they can give life to an infinite amount of surreal worlds.  It's a little bit like (the combinations are not infinite) shuffling the cards in a deck of cards, with each shuffle, the new combination gives you a new order and a reality.  There are other artistic mediums that can do similar things, but Photography, Surrealism and the Manipulation Software, are a perfect fit and accessible to most of us.  They give us the most realistic image of something that we understand and are familiar with, a photo and something completely alien, the result of the manipulation and the world that is created within.  BTW there weren't any titles on the photos, so I made some up, if you don't like them, I am to blame.

Do you Milk with That?
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Rowing through the Trees.
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Our Cities can feel Upside Down.
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The Worlds under out Feet.
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Underworld Diving.
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Nature in Time.
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The Universe in a Hot Air Balloon.
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The Ocean in the pages of a Book.
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A Child with a Toy Train Set.
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Violin Motorway.
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Painting Nature for Autumn.
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The Cloud Makers.
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