23 Oct 2018

Urban Drawings Architecture on our Streets

A very distinctive style that shows off and highlights architectural details.
Czech Artist and Architect Pavel Filgas, lives by the words "less is more" and as you can see from his work, it permeates this aspect of his life as well.  I am fascinated by the way he draws his buildings, in most cases, singling our one or two buildings and some times removing the ground.  It's an interesting style because it makes us focus, only on the part of the urban structures, that Filgas wants us to pay attention to and the unfinished ends, coupled the the background, makes it look like the the buildings are phasing in or out of reality.  Great point of view, from an artist that is looking for a different way of capturing what he sees and likes.

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Opera House - Vienna.
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Bratislava Walkway.
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Brno Panorama - The Second Largest City In Czech Republic, Drawing colored with Coffee.
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City in Slovakia.
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Cathedral, Brno, Czech Republic.
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Natural History Museum - Vienna.
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Spanish City Of Santiago De Compostela.
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Prague - Tyn Church - Czech Republic.
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10-St Stephen-Cathedral-Vienna-Austria-Pavel-Filgas-Urban-Drawings-Architecture-on-our-Streets-www-designstack-co
St Stephen Cathedral Vienna Austria.
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Wien - Opera House.
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My Home Bratislava.
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Luxembourg - Ink Drawing.
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