19 Nov 2018

Eco-Friendly Geodesic Dome Tourist Accommodation

Domes that immerse you into nature and carry all of the creature comforts of a luxury stay.
Domes Charlevoix are situated in Quebec and provide a relaxing stay for all seasons of the year.  These sustainable geodesic domes, are built for the cold Canadian winters, as well as their summers.  This eco-friendly construction can house 4 people comfortably, with two double beds, one on the ground floor and one bedroom on the mezzanine level and a fireplace, to make it feel warm and cosy, during the cold nights.  It comes with a spacious bathroom (don't seem to have any photographs for that) and a kitchen, that you can see in the photos below.  If you want a base point from which you can explore nature, or a quiet place to gather you thought and decompress, from the mad dash and rush of daily life, this is a place, that could really recharge your batteries, a place I can see myself spending some time in.

Exterior View.
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Master Bedroom.
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Ladder to Mezzanine.
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Guest Bedroom.
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Kitchen and Dining Area.
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Entrance to the Dome.
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Hot Tub.
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Bedroom Window.
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Immersed in the Snow.
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Covered in Snow.
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Hugged by Nature.
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