20 Nov 2018

Drawing Urban Architecture on a Sketchbook

Black and white drawings that explore different types of architecture, in different styles, from a variety of different angles.
I really like Mark Poulier introduction to himself, so I will let his words carry you through the next portion: "I draw architecture. I mostly draw balancing a sketchbook on my lap during my morning tram ride through Melbourne, on site or in a café.  I'm an Art Director and pen and ink sketcher living in Melbourne, Australia."  As well as creating art, he teaches as well, which is a great way of passing on the lessons and tricks he has learnt, to a new generation of artists.  These drawings present us with a beautiful way of showing off the special sites and buildings in the cities we live in, or the countries we travel to.

Flying over Chicago.
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SS Trinità dei Pellegrini.
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03-Windows New York- London-Paris-Delhi-Florence-Rome-Mark-Poulier-Drawing-Urban-Architecture-on-a-Sketchbook-www-designstack-co
Windows from New York, Buenos Aries, Melbourne, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Delhi, Montepulciano, Florence, Rome, Cairo, Venice.
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Bernini in sunshine Rome.
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Roman Domes.
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Pen Death in Venice.
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Thalia Hall Chichago.
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New York on Paper.
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Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio a Trevi.
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South Yarra, Victoria, Australia.
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