12 Nov 2018

MADi Home Flat Pack A-Frame Tiny House

A flat-packed foldable house, that can be completed in 2 days.
MADi HOME is a Tiny House, where the construction, takes place in controlled environment and is then brought to site and erected.  On the Designer's site, they say that it can be made habitable in 2 days.  Have a look at the video to get more of a feel of how it works.  The fact that it's built in a modular way (built in sections), really brings a lot of advantages: you can add more sections if you require more room, it can be taken down again and taken to a new site if you want.  It can be supported by pile foundations, if you want a temporary structure, so that when removed, there is minimal disruption to the site.  A method of building that is more efficient, therefore cheaper to build, which can can contribute towards higher specifications and cheaper home for the buyer.  I have included various options below, of the exterior, interior and a bedroom.  Imagine having your house built over the weekend and move in, before the beginning of the week...

MADI home flatpack, tiny house.

Transporting the Home.
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Positioning it on the Foundations.
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Display Home.
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Living Room and Dining Room.
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Master Bedroom.
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Living Room and Dining Room, option 2.
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Open Plan Living.
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Exterior Option.
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Option on Water.
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Glass Front.
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Exterior Option, option 2.
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