13 Nov 2018

Bringing Murals, Art and Color to our Cities

Reviving buildings and walls, with excellent art.
WD (WildDrawing) is a painter/muralist from Bali, Indone­sia.  He has attained degrees in Fine Arts and in Applied Arts. WD started as a street artist in the year 2000 and look at the calibre and scale of his work now...  A wonderful way of enhancing the look of architecture and adding a lot of color and art in the process.  In my opinion, street art can be a fantastic way of revitalising a building or a wall, without having to knock it down and building a new one.  You could paint all of those architectural details, that are now vanishing from our new buildings, because they are too expensive to include.  Btw I gave the paintings names, so I am to blame if you don't like them.  One last thing, what kind of art would you like on the side of your house or apartment?

Crossroad Owl.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Alice in Wonderland?
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Optical Illusion.
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Hide and Seek.
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Eagle Creature.
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Beautiful and Bright Portrait.
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Lining up Details.
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Winged Elephants, Learning to Fly.
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Quiet Contemplation.
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My Pet Iguana.
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Transformer Beetle Bug.
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Rockhopper Penguins.
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3D Illusion.
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Guardian Elves.
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Crocodile and it's Babies.
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