12 Dec 2018

Ink Illustrations of Nature and Animals

Ink drawings that explore nature and the animal kingdom.
Illustrator Kate Burgau, currently resides in England and is said to be heavily influenced by flora and fauna, plus surrealism, with a fervent interest in the cycles of the natural world.  The following is an extract from her site "She spends as much time as possible learning about animals, caring for her plants, and hanging out in the woods on foot or bike."  These drawings are so beautifully illustrated, that you can't just give them a passing glance, you have to allow your eyes the time to absorb all of those intricate details, which is what makes them such a pleasure to look at.

The Frog, the Dragonfly and Flowers.
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Hedgehog and Mushrooms.
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The Jaguar, the Owl and the Rabbit.
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Flowers and Butterfly.
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All Seeing Owl.
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Bee Honeycomb and Birds.
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Mountain Goat.
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Swallows and Mushrooms.
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Wood Mouse and Bats.
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