11 Dec 2018

Architecture Expressed in House Drawings

A beautiful representation of the places we love, our fortress and refuge, our own personal space.
Coming from a family of Architects and builders, Mary Frances Smith didn't stray far from the family business, gaining a degree in interior design.  She has been producing drawings of people's homes, starting with friends at the beginning, then moving onto real estate agents and now as commissions for people and sold as art pieces.  A great reminder of a place that stores so many memories throughout our lifetime.

Portrait of home, drawn by hand in pen and ink.
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Wedding Venue Portrait in Ink.
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Home illustration, drawn in Ink.
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House Drawn in Ink.
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Custom House Sketch - hand drawn home portrait in ink.
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Custom House Portrait in Ink Architectural home.
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Commission an Original Ink House Drawing.
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Custom House Drawing in Ink.
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Custom House Drawing in Ink 2.
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Custom House Portrait - Drawing of house in ink.
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Custom ink house drawing.
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Custom Ink House Portrait.
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